Local AA Hotline

(248) 541-6565

New to AA?

Only you can decide whether you want to give A.A. a try. Admitting you might need help, or admitting that you’re an alcoholic, takes courage. There are a several pamphlets and resources that will tell you more about this fellowship and help you decide whether A.A. could be right for you.

There are no dues or fees to attend any AA meeting. There is also no registration or signing up beforehand. If you are ready to get (or stay) sober, please see our “Find a Meeting” page to locate AA near you. When you see the term “Closed”, that means anyone who has a problem with alcohol is welcome to attend. In other words, we don’t bring our non-alcoholic friend or family member to this meeting. The term “Open” is used to describe an AA meeting where anyone is welcome to attend.